Chips & Queso

1 Block
Salsa-Holics Salsa
2 jars
(mild, med, or hot)
Breakfast Sausage
1 - 16oz. tube
(mild, med, or hot)
1/2 can of drained
(original flavor)
Trappey's Red Devil Hot Suace


In a saucepan, cube entire brick of Velveeta.

In a skillet, brown the Breakfast Sausage, and Drain.

Place saucepan under Medium heat, and slowly melt the Velveeta Cheese.

Add 1 Jar of Salsa-Holics Salsa. Stir frequently, until Cheese is fully melted.

Add 1 TBSP of Red Devil Hot Sauce. Stir.

Add Ro-Tel, and stir. Set Browned Sausage aside, do NOT mix with Queso, yet.

If too thick, Add more Salsa-Holics Salsa. Once everything is mixed evenly throughout, pour Queso into a slow cooker or Croc-Pot under LOW setting or WARM.

This should allow the queso to maintain a consistent temperature during the game. Stir occasionally.

• Serve Bowl with a plate of tortilla chips